Do Windows Need Vertical or Horizontal Blinds?

Do Windows Need Vertical or Horizontal Blinds for Homes & Living Rooms in Burlingame, California (CA)

In this article, Rebart’s Interiors – with three locations in Burlingame, Los Altos, and San Carlos, California (CA) – is here to help you decide whether windows need vertical or horizontal blinds in Burlingame, CA. We proudly serve the full line of Hunter Douglas window treatments.

When it comes to choosing custom blinds for your home, Hunter Douglas is a great brand. Hunter Douglas offers a variety of beautiful blinds in several different styles to fit your preferences. What you really have to consider, though, when purchasing blinds for your home is whether you need vertical or horizontal blinds. We are here to help you find out what is best.

First off, maybe you don’t really know the difference between the two. I mean, they are just blinds, right? Nope! Each type has its own unique characteristics, and one may be better fit to certain windows and doors in your home than the other.

Horizontal blinds are made of horizontal slats connected to each other by vertical connecting strings. They are available in several different materials, including wood, faux wood, and aluminum. These blinds are opened and closed by raising them up or down or by tilting the individual slats.

Vertical blinds, on the other hand, are constructed of vertical slats all connected to a track at the top, but not connected to each other. They are opened and closed by moving them side to side or, like horizontal blinds, tilting the slats to adjust the direction light comes in.

When deciding between vertical blinds and horizontal blinds, it is most important to consider the size of your windows and doors. Horizontal blinds are much better suited to smaller, skinnier, and taller windows. Horizontal blinds are much easier to operate on windows that are smaller, not to mention vertical blinds would block a fair amount of the view of the outdoors on a skinny window when they are open.

Vertical blinds are great for large, wide windows, as well as sliding glass doors. Having vertical blinds on your sliding doors is great and makes it much easier to go through the door, since you only have to open the blinds slightly to pass through. If they were horizontal, you would have to raise them completely in order to walk through the door.

You also need to consider the direction that light hits your windows. For east and west facing windows, you should install vertical blinds. When closed, vertical blinds block out much more light, so they are best suited for windows in direct sunlight. For north and south facing windows, horizontal blinds are best.

You should also consider the work needed to maintain your blinds. If you are looking for easy to clean and maintain window treatments, vertical blinds are perfect. Since there is no horizontal surface for dust to settle on, they stay much cleaner. Even when they do get a bit dirty, though, they are easy to wipe down. Horizontal blinds can be harder to wipe down because of the connecting strings being in the way. However, if this is not an important factor for you, you should focus on the size and location of your windows and doors.

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